Appointments & Costs

Sydney Family Law Specialists are committed to being upfront with clients in relation to costs. On commencement each client enters into a Cost Agreement which sets out our terms and conditions and an estimate of your legal costs.  So from the outset you will be clear about your commitment.

Each month we will send you a monthly itemized account to keep you informed about your costs.  Prior to each court date, we will also provide you with a costs notification, setting out your likely costs for the court appearance until the conclusion of your matter.  This should enable you to make informed decisions as to how you seek to proceed with your matter.

To find out about the likely costs involved in your particular case, you can book an obligation free initial consultation with Sonia Collins either at the office or by telephone.  During the initial consultation we will assess your matter and provide you with advice about your rights and obligations and the options available to resolve your family law dispute.   Following your consultation you will be provided with a Costs Agreement which sets out our estimation of costs if you proceed with Sydney Family Law Specialists.

At Sydney Family Law Specialists we appreciate that life is busy and it is often difficult to attend a face to face appointment.   As such, we are able to offer our clients appointments by Face Time, Skype, Phone and Conference Calls.   We are more than happy to keep in touch by email and we have found this to be extremely efficient and cost effective for client.